“Having lived in our home for over 20 years, we were looking for advice on where we might need to consider repairs and improvements. Rick provided a very thorough and detailed examination of our entire house and could not be more pleased with his work. He is extremely personable and honest in his assessment. I would recommend his services for any home owner who is seeking to be informed about their property.”​
Customer - R.B., Durham, NC, 2018

Richard did an incredibly thorough job of inspecting my house. I decided to use Richard as a second opinion inspector because the first Inspector seemed to exaggerate most of my problems without explaining them to me. As a first time home buyer the inspection process can be stressful without the right inspector.  Richard was able to find trouble spots and provided helpful advice about how to make repairs. My garage reverse safety mechanism wasn’t functioning properly and the prior inspector suggested that I get a garage specialist to fix the problem; he listed this as urgent. When Richard saw the problem he was resourceful enough to suggest a quicker more effective fix which only required a screwdriver; he was able to fix it at no extra cost. He educated me on all of the issues he found during the entire walk through from explaining to me what I can do on my own and what will require a professional. By the time the inspection ended I felt extremely confident about everything. Overall, he offered great trouble shooting pointers on how I can make my repairs cost effective. This kind of insight is very important to have for first time homeowners.

Customer - D.M. Durham, NC April 2018

I have engaged the services of Rick Sheldahl of Inhabitable Home Inspections for inspection, review of inspection and review of required maintenance. 


Rick is very knowledgeable with excellent technical proficiency and expertise and a very practical approach. He is highly professional and is able to explain technical matters in a way that makes sense but also ensuring that you clearly understand the issues and any potential risks. He is down to earth but also thinks creatively in recommending solutions or work that he believes needs to be done and what also would add value. His is able to focus on the immediate matter but also the long term implications. 


He is respectful, honest, diligent and reliable. I trust his judgement implicitly. His tag line is: “Honest, Personable, Thorough” and he is living proof of this.

Customer - S.A., Durham, NC May 2018

Rick was a trustworthy and thorough source for our home inspection. This was our second home purchase and I wish I would have had him the first time around. You can tell he enjoys what he does and I was able to walk away with a complete understanding of the issues in my home without feeling overwhelmed. Would highly recommend to all.

Customer - A.S. Durham, NC July 2018

Rick was AMAZING!! I received a referral to use Rick's service and am so happy that I did. He was extremely thorough...he inspected the home with great intensity and offered suggestions and recommendations on the repair requests that were easy to understand. He spent several hours conducting the inspection and when completed I was given a very easy to understand printed report that included detailed explanations and various pictures outlining his findings and recommendations.

I would recommend him and his inspection services to anyone. He's professional, very knowledgeable, trustworthy and worth every penny I paid him. I would hire him again, without hesitation!

Thanks Rick - you've made the process of buying a new home much easier and I feel very confident with what I learned about the home in this process. Many, many thanks!

Customer - N.J. Wake Forest, NC July 2018

Rick's services were recommended to us by our realtor and we were so glad that we went with his recommendation! We're first time home buyers and had been warned by friends and family that the inspection process can be daunting and a challenge to go through. Definitely not the case here. Rick is thorough, seems to love his work and takes the time to explain each part of the process in a way that makes it not scary at all. I feel like we came out of the process knowing more about our new home, what size of problems each concern may be and how long we can expect things to last. We even got a little fix-it handbook, which was a sweet extra touch. Use this service.

Customer - B.H. Durham, NC Oct 2018

Rick was great! He took extra time to explain the inspection process, any issues he found with our home, and even told us how to fix smaller safety issues ourselves. He also went really above and beyond in helping us to resolve an issue with inspecting the electrical system. Basically, the electrical box was plastered into the wall, and he offered to do any necessary repairs after taking it apart. This was a big deal, since it's an older home, and we would have been nervous to move in without having the electrical system inspected (and the seller didn't want to consent to deconstruction).

Customer-A.H. Durham, NC Oct 2018

Say you fall in love with a prospective home you want to buy, but just don't have the ability to assess it adequately while walking around with the realtor before making that bid.  This is where Rick comes in.  He literally got on his hands and knees in the attic, the crawl space, clawed with his bare hands at one point some surrounding dirt below the roof line of the home's structure to assess water runoff for drainage considerations.  He was as thorough as a detective, finding clues that lead to potential concerns we prospective buyers needed to be aware of prior to our new home purchase.  While enjoying his thorough analysis and final inspection report, it was the day of our inspection we were most impressed with him because he possesses handyman skills, able to explain why certain things need improvement, and offering us brilliant suggestions for safe, manageable, and affordable options during the home buying phase for our future habitat.  Yes, Rick comes highly recommended.

Customer - C.M. Durham, May 2018


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